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Transmelo is one of the oldest and well known companies connected with the construction industry in the Porto (Oporto) region. It was founded in 1988 by Agostinho Melo and Maria Nazaré Melo. It's full portuguese name is "Transmelo - Construções, Lda." which translates to "Transmelo - Constructions, Limited".

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Business Context

The business legal context of Transmelo is similar to:


Transmelo has national licenses to do construction jobs and national road transportation services.

Visit the IMPIC and IMT web sites to learn more about the construction and transportation activities in Portugal.

If you wish to know more about Portugal itself (including business, tourism or history) please visit AICEP website.


Transmelo envolved since it's foundation and nowadays has the focus in some construction activities. Transmelo has the following main services:

Please notice that Transmelo can do other construction jobs but in general it reserves those activities to needs under existing contracts or at the request of special clients.

Construction Associations

Transmelo is also associated with AICCOPN, a national construction association, and ANTRAM, a national transportation association. Due to it's association with AICCOPN this company respects the national working colective contract for the construction sector.


Transmelo has all the insurances required to operate as demanded by portuguese law and european requisites, including covering for job accidents, fleet accidents and general civil responsability for the company activities.

To learn more about insurances in Portugal visit the portuguese insurances association web site.

Social security and National Finances

Transmelo also respects the obligations of the portuguese social security and the portuguese national finances, including the contributions for IRS, pensions, unemployment aids and professional diseases.

Health, Security and Medicine at Work

Transmelo has internal services for health and security at work and uses certified external services for medical survelaince at work as required by law.

To learn more about these issues visit ACT (National Authority for Working Conditions) web site

Past works

Transmelo is a small company but very focused on specific tasks using real resources (i.e. workers and equipment), known for doing some of the most dificult jobs in Porto region. It has a long and rich history of works.

Here are some examples:

Company curriculum is available upon request.

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